Quinn Richardson, Play Yard Supervisor

Quinn Richardson, Dogs at PlayI have been surrounded by dogs my entire life, and for as long as I can remember I have had a dog in my family. Growing up in Wilmington was an incredible experience, in all my years of camping on Masonboro or biking around Greenfield Lake there was always a furry, goofy, loving, loyal canine along every step of the way. I have found that having a dog in your life offers a comradery and unconditional love that is meaningful and hard to find, and I believe it is this understanding from with my love for dogs originates. Given my passion for canines and my deep love for Wilmington, it only feels natural to end up working with the Dogs At Play team and become a part of this beautiful community.

While Wilmington is certainly my home, Chapel Hill has to be my home away from home. I spent seven years in that quirky little town getting through college, working different jobs, and growing into the individual I am today. Go Heels! I left Chapel Hill with a BA degree in Communications Studies (concentrated in rhetorical studies), and after a brief stint traveling and soul searching, I moved back here to Wilmington in order to pursue a Master of Computer Science degree from UNCW.

Being outdoors is therapeutic to me, so if I’m not studying or playing with your dog you can usually find me playing soccer, surfing, camping, going to concerts, exercising, working on my car, or hanging out with some close friends. My passion for nature drove me to become an Eagle Scout, while I cherish all of my memories of scouts and my love for the outdoors has not diminished, I will tell you all that long hikes are….. overrated.

I can say with certainty, I love Wilmington and all of its unique inhabitants. Despite my connection to our little beach town, I have always yearned to explore the world, experience new cultures and expand my intellect. My love for travel has taken me around the globe and back again, while I loved every moment, Wilmington always found a way of calling me back. I am thrilled to be home, and I look forward to meeting you and your doggo.  I pledge to be just as dedicated and fun-loving to your dog as these amazing animals have always been to me.