Natalie Fisher, Play Yard Supervisor

Natalie Fisher, Dogs at PlayI grew up in a small town in Georgia surrounded by animals. My life since I can remember has revolved around animal husbandry and I have always had the most fun hanging out with bison or horses or iguanas or ducks rather than human friends. I started school at the University of North Georgia, where I got my Associate’s degree in Business Administration, and now I’m in hot pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in conservation and a minor in sustainability.

I am passionate about animal welfare and the facilitation of healthy relationships between species. It’s my ultimate goal to help humans better communicate with their furry, scaly, or feathered counterparts, both at home and in nature. When I’m not at DAP hanging with dogs, you can probably find me barefoot somewhere studying bird behavior or riding a horse with a cat or a goat on my chest in a baby carrier.