Lacie Nyenhuis, General Manager and Director of Operations

Lacie, Dogs At PlayWith DAP since 2006

I was born in Charlotte, NC and lived there until I was about 8 years old, when my dad had a job transfer and the family packed up to move to a small town called Wadesboro. For those of you who don’t know where “Bearcat Country” is, it’s about 20 minutes west of Rockingham, home of “The Rock”, a former NASCAR racetrack. And if you still have no idea where either of these places are, I am not surprised. After graduating high school in 2003, I attended UNCW for 4 years, where I earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in General Biology. In 2006, I was beyond excited when I was hired at DAP! I have always enjoyed being around animals, dogs in particular, and since I started working here my affection for dogs has only grown stronger. Everyday I continue to learn more about dog behavior and develop a better understanding and a greater respect for this fun, furry species.

If I am not here at work caring for your kids, you’ll either find me on a softball field playing ball, or (the most likely scenario) at home with my couch-potato-mutt Marley and his 3 feline brothers Oscar, Ernie, and Jenks. The boys like to lounge around with me and take full advantage of the fact that I am addicted to Redbox! I also have 3 male Betta fish named Phoenix, Spencer, and Levi. Unfortunately they don’t get to witness our “every night is movie night” philosophy but they do get to enjoy their daily saunas in my bathroom, which is where they have made their permanent homes thanks to their overly friendly cat brothers.