dog playing at Dogs At PlayHalf Day (up to 6 hours of supervised play)

$18 per dog

Full Day (6-12 hours of supervised play)

$25 per dog

Multi-dog discount: $22 per dog (must be in same family on registration)



If you’re ready to bring your dog to play, call our office to schedule your first visit. We require a four-hour “orientation”, or trial period, for each new dog over one year old (and for un-neutered males over six months old). This helps your dog ease comfortably into daycare as we get to know him or her, ensuring that the social playgroup environment makes your dog happy. After completing our registration paperwork, dog parents do not stay for the orientation…although we know you’d have fun at daycare too!

Tours available by appointment only.

All dogs participating in DAP services must provide proof of current rabies, DHLPP and bordetella vaccinations. Even though we place a high value on fun and snuggles, your dog’s health and safety are our first priority!

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Why Doggy Day Care?

doggy daycare wilmington ncThe ASPCA says, “Dog daycare providers can help meet your dog’s need for attention, activity, and supervision. They provide a great antidote for bored, lonely, or high-energy dogs with busy guardians who work away from home all day and don’t want to leave their dogs alone.”

So, how does it work? Simply drop your dog(s) off with us anytime during our business hours (6:30am – 6:30pm during the week, 9:00am – 1:00pm Saturdays, and 2:00 – 6:00pm Sundays). When you’re ready for them to come home, come on back and pick them up. It’s that easy. If you have a busy schedule, we offer daycare reservations – guaranteeing your dog a spot in the play group so you don’t have to rush.

What will my dog do all day while at daycare?  They get to be DOGS! Dogs are innately social animals, and we love meeting that need! On your dog’s first day of daycare, we take great care to introduce him or her to the play group at a pace that is comfortable to him or her. In fact, we usually have at least two social groups in separate settings at all times! We’ve found that, like humans, that every single dog is unique. Does your dog like to play inside, or outside? With small dogs, or sometimes with bigger ones? Is your dog a fast, rambunctious player, or maybe more inclined to lay around and bask in the sunshine? Shy or outgoing? Puppy or senior?! Between our indoor, climate-controlled playroom and our outdoor play yard, we think we have everyone’s preference covered. Our staff members will supervise the group of dogs as they play and interact. We are all trained in (and fascinated by!) dog behavior, so we usually hang back and watch as dogs greet each other, explore, socialize and make friends with the other dogs at DAP that day.

Where will my dog play?  Because we take the time to get to know your dog as an individual, we learn the type of play group that will suit him or her best. Play groups evolve each day, but are often separated into two areas:

Our indoor playroom is a great option for all dogs when the Wilmington weather is less than perfect (it’s rare, but it happens!).  On any given day, the playroom is bustling with puppies, seniors and dogs who need to build confidence or social skills…and that afternoon, we may switch and have our most rowdy players inside!  Several of our regular dog-clients choose to play in the playroom, maybe for the cool air-conditioning in the summer, or for a warmer place to romp during the winter months.

Though the indoor playroom is always host to a good time, there is always something exciting happening in the outdoor play yard.  The playgroup outside is often faster-paced, but it’s great for a wallflower who loves the sunshine too.  In 2010 we installed K-9 Turf, a ground cover specially made with dogs in mind! It is gentle on paws, easy to clean and provides great traction for sprints and wrestling. The play yard is equipped with slides, pools, misting hoses, huge water bowls and everything nature provides!

Regardless of whether your dog is inside or out, they are exercising, socializing, and never bored or lonely. Every member of our loyal staff LOVES dogs, and are skilled in socialization, safety, and all aspects of dog behavior. Most of all, from day one we promise to know your dog by name (no collars allowed!), and to treat each one as if s/he were our very own. Our mission each day is to ensure everyone’s time at Dogs at Play is safe, productive, and fun!