Danielle Workman, Weekend Manager

DanielleWith DAP since 2018

Hi! My name is Danielle. I was born and raised in a small town called Statesville, North Carolina. I grew up on a small farm so my love for animals has been a part of my whole life. Moving to Wilmington a couple of years ago was very big life change for me. I had to leave my horse, two dogs and three cats in Statesville, but attending UNCW has been the highlight of my life! I love being in such a diverse area…and the beach isn’t so bad either!

While at UNCW, I’m studying animal specialties. I’m only a semester in, so I have a lot of time to decide exactly where animals will take me, but I’m thinking maybe zoology or veterinary medicine. Since I’m a student, I have only one pet, Cat Meat. Even though he’s a cat, he’s named after the dog from one of my favorite video games. I found him as a kitten and spent every ounce of my savings to save his life. I told him that if he pulled through for me, he would be the happiest kitty in the world…and he absolutely is! I would love to have a dog of my own to love and raise, and am just waiting for the right time.

I love working with animals, so my place on the DAP team is so special to me! Gaining experience and working here is hopefully going to help me in my future career, but mostly I like to brag about how awesome my job is!