Chase Lusk

Chase Lusk, Dogs At PlayPooch Pal since 2019

I was born in a small coal town called Beckley West Virginia. I spent most of my youth around many kinds of animals on two family farms one belonging to my great grandmother and the other my grandfather. I moved around quiet frequently as a child within in a 75 mile radius. But never left the state. From an early age I have always been gifted in athletics and trained most of my life for football wrestling and jujitsu. I’ve won many awards over the years but I felt like living in a small town where everyone knows each other wasn’t for me anymore, I felt like there is such a huge world and I’m missing my part in it. So on a limb I left my small town and moved to Wilmington to find something different and my purpose in life.

I moved to Wilmington in 2015 to finish my high school career and follow the path of athletics in college, I trained day in and day out to be the best but it wasn’t meant to be. An injury ended my athletic career and I was stumped on what to do with my life. For years I sat trying to figure out what to do and I have found purpose in being around dogs. I started hanging around a lot of war veterans who are in need of service dogs and became very curious about them. How they were able to bond and do amazing things I had never seen before. I left my family’s house and moved in with a buddy that has 3 service dogs and fell in love with them. Dogs are such amazing creatures and I want to spend as much time as I can around them. By accident they became the salvation that I didn’t realize I needed in my life to help me through dark times. And now I can’t get enough of them!!!!!