Bug, Dogs At PlayBug spends more time at DAP than any of us so it seemed fitting that he head up the Staff Page. In 2006 Stephen Watson, yet another extraordinary human at New Hanover County Animal Control, called us because he had a dog with special circumstances. Stephen found this little guy in Pender County guarding his mother’s dead body. After lots of patience and care, Stephen and staff finally got the little wild dog and after just a few days at NHCACS they were concerned that he wasn’t adoptable. He was so shy and fearful that he would defecate when a new human walked in the room. He was only four months old. So Whitney, owner of DAP, in a very rare moment of weakness, agreed to move the little “Bugger” into her home. After just a week he was named “Bug”. Bug slept on the pillow next to Whitney’s head for weeks and weeks, nonetheless, every morning he would retreat with fear as if he didn’t know her. But he always felt safe with her other dogs. He would run to them with enthusiasm and exuberance. He was always fair and kind and communicated with them very well.

So, after four months, it became clear to Whitney, a rather slow human, that Bug would be happiest living at her business, Dogs At Play. To this day Bug enjoys spending each day playing with all our canine visitors, chasing squirrels, napping on the playground equipment, and jumping for joy when the “regulars” appear. Every night he sleeps soundly in a crate with a comfy bed and a stuffed panda. He loves the staff, ahem.. “his staff”, very well and he is always aware of a change. Every single day he reminds us what it means to be a dog. He is our best friend and always makes sure to welcome your best friend.