Overnight Stay (includes daycare*)

boarding at Dogs At PlaySingle dog: $40 per 24 hours

Multi-dog families: $35 per dog, per 24 hours

*regular daycare rates apply after 24 hours

What it en-TAILs…

Think of boarding your dog with us as sending him or her to summer camp. While you’re away, your dog will be here making friends, playing games, swimming in the summer time, chasing bubbles, getting snuggles…these are just a few of the things that occupy your dog(s) when they stay with us.

After playing in the daycare group all day, each dog is given dinner in their very own comfy crate to rest until their final potty/play break. Then it’s lights out until early the next morning. Even if your dog isn’t used to sleeping in a crate at home, we’ve found that because they have spent all day playing, most dogs are happy to have their own space and sleep soundly through the night. Please feel free to bring your pet’s favorite blanket and treats when boarding. It’s the small touches of home that will keep you in their thoughts while they dream of the fun they’ll have the next day!

boarding at Dogs At PlayWe know – for humans – being away from your furry best friend can be stressful. Our staff understands and is happy to talk to you via phone, Facebook, or e-mail anytime you want to check in on your baby. Just know that while you are gone, your dog is getting all the love, exercise, attention, and belly rubs possible. It’s our job (and pleasure!) to make sure your dog has a tail-wagging good time!

What to bring:

  1. Your dog’s own food. For allergy reasons and to keep your dog’s digestion on track, we’ve found it’s best to keep their diet the same when they stay with us.  Please be sure to bring only the exact amount of food they will need for their stay in an air-tight plastic container (Rubbermaid or Tupperware, for example).
  2. Any medications your dog needs for their stay. Our staff has been trained in administering most types of medication. Please let us know the appropriate dosage amount and schedule at drop-off.
  3. A blanket, t-shirt or toy from home. We know your dog will love to snuggle up to something cozy at night. We have plenty of blankets to share, but feel free to bring your own if they have a favorite from home. If you have special snacks for your dog, we are happy to give them a treat at bedtime as long as it’s safe for them to have in a crate overnight.

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