Bathing and Grooming


dog bathingSelf-Service Dog Wash

Are you tired of wrestling with your dog to get them into your bathtub? Or dealing with the guilt of just hosing them down in the yard? We can’t say enough about how much we LOVE self-service bathing, now available at Dogs At Play. No appointment necessary, just walk on in for a do-it-yourself dog wash. Many of our clients like to come by after a swim around Masonboro Island or a romp around Hugh McRae Park. And some of our self-washers, well let’s face it, won’t fit in the shower at home; they just need a little extra room.

Our one-size-fits-almost-all self-serve wash tub has an easy access ramp to make it comfortable for both you and your pet. We have a collection of doggie shampoos and conditioners for all types of skin and fur; a dryer, plenty of towels, ear cleaner, nail clippers, and cologne to make this the most fun bath ever. We also have waterproof aprons for the parents to wear so you can stay nice and dry! Best of all, you leave the mess here and we clean up after you!

Small (1-20 lbs) $16
Medium (21-60 lbs) $19
Large (61-100 lbs) $22
X-Large (100+ lbs) $26

Add a full day of daycare to any self-service bath for just $18!

Full-Service Bathing

As an alternative to the self-service wash, make an appointment and let us wash Fido for you! We offer discounted prices for baths after daycare and boarding stays. There is nothing better then a happy, clean, good-smelling doggie to greet you after you have been away!

Small (1-20 lbs) $31
Medium (21-60 lbs) $37
Large (61-100 lbs) $43
X-Large (100+ lbs) $51

Add a full day of daycare to any full-service bath for just $13!

All full-service baths include ear cleaning, nail trims, brush-out and cologne spray.

Nail Trim or Ear Cleaning Only:  $12 each

Angela with her dogsGrooming

Who doesn’t love a day at the spa? Our doggie customers rave about Angela Sellers, DAP’s groomer. She’s the best at making our clients look stylish and feel clean! Feel free to call our office and speak to Angela to discuss your grooming needs. Your pet will look and feel their best by the time they are ready to go home!

All grooms include bath, ear cleaning and nail trim.