Angela Sellers

AngelaHello, I’m Angela! DAP’s dog groomer. Who are the two cute doggos in the picture with me? Well the prettiest Boston Terrier is my girl, Zelda. The little scruffy one is my handsome boy, Crockett.

I was born in New Hanover and raised in Brunswick county. As a child, I’ve always love animals! Any size and all kinds. From scales, feathers and fur. My mom would always get on to me about all the small animals and critters I’ve tried to bring home with me. Growing up on a farm and living in a home with animals. I knew at a young age, my life goal was to help animals.

2016, an opportunity to become a dog groomer caught my attention and knew that was my calling to help animals. Making sure each furry client feeling clean and looking stylish! I started as a dog bather and worked hard to become a dog groomer shortly after. I enjoy working on my furry clients! After each groom puts happiness in my heart. It’s such a fulfilling experience and a rewarding addition to my life. Just to see their human parents smile from ear to ear and every furry client leaving happily wagging their tail. There is nothing else in the world I would rather be doing!

I couldn’t be any happier to be apart of the DAP family and I look forward on my journey here to take care and groom your fur babies!